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Dylan at Play

Posted on 08/25/2011

I'd like to take the opportunity to recommend a very special and unique new Bob Dylan book, that has just been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The collection of writings has been edited by Nick Smart and Nina Goss, and is centered around the question of how writers from various backgrounds have responded to Dylan's art in their own specific professional context. I was lucky enough to have been asked to contribute an essay to this project, "May your hands always be busy".
"We have no interest in competing with the almost numberless and ever-increasing quantity of critical and encyclopedic writing on Dylan. Our goal with this collection has been play and not categorizing or defining", the editors say. In this respect I think the book provides an excellent and fresh new perspective on Dylan, written from an academic point of view, yet still appealing to a wider audience of Bob Dylan fans and people who grew and grow up listening to his music.

More on the book, including a free PDF sample, can be found on the Cambridge Scholars Publishing homepage.

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