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Happy 65th Birthday, Bob!

Posted on 05/20/2006

On May 24, 1941 Robert Allen Zimmerman a.k.a. Bob Dylan was born in Duluth/MN. This year he celebrates his 65th birthday. Happy birthday, Bob!

What's better, to die or to fade away? Well, Bob is still alive and there is no sign of fading energy or creativity. With his autobiography "Chronicles, Volume One" just written, a radio show (Theme Time Radio Hour on XM Satellite Radio), constant touring and a new album in the making he seems to be everywhere and as young as ever. Or better: Younger than that now. He might not sing like "Caruso" anymore, but who cares? And on a good night he still rocks. Watch out, concert reviewers!

We still want to see him live on stage, even if the performance is not what we'd expected (is it ever?). But we're thankful to still get a chance to see the man who has written so many songs that accompanied us in our lives, good times and bad. And we pay respect to a man whose work probably touches us unlike any other.

Thanks for doing what you did for all of us, Bob. Please keep on writing songs. And by the way, how do you manage to blow out 65 candles?

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