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Mike Hobo retires: Legendary Bob Dylan Websites up for sale

Posted on 03/05/2023

You might say that the times they are a-changin' or "It's all over now, Baby Blue". After 25 years of running his "legendary" Bob Dylan websites, webmaster and founder of one of the very first Bob Dylan fansite on the web decides to retire and offer his work for sale to someone who appreciates Bob Dylan's work and life in the same way, and who wants to continue the legacy on the web.

Starting as early as 1997, a decade before Social Media and Facebook, years before Google's golive, Mike Hobo created the "100% Pure Cult Bob Dylan Website" which became "Mike Hobo's Legendary Bob Dylan Website" and finally "Positively Bob Dylan.
"I can't run my sites with the same amount of time and effort any longer, which makes me a little sad. But I still remain positive that someone will come up and decide to continue what I started a long time ago, in one way or another", Hobo says. In his last interview in 2007 he offered a little background insights on his project: http://positively-bobdylan.com/blog/10-years-of-bob-dylan-on-the-internet-the-mike-hobo-interview/

If you are interested in positively-bobdylan.com and tweedlr.com please feel free to contact mike@positively-bobdylan.com

„Goodbye's too good a word, babe. So I'll just say fare thee well“ (Bob Dylan)

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