Positively Bob Dylan

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Mike Hobo's Legendary Bob Dylan Website relaunched as "Positively Bob Dylan"

Posted on 12/20/2007

Yes, you're definitely on the right page here! You were looking for Mike Hobo's Legendary Bob Dylan Website? Well, this is it - and it's all shiny and new. Just take a look at the right column and you'll find all of your favorite features there: the Top 100 Dylan Songs chart, the Recordings Revisited section where you can post your comments on all officially released Dylan songs, plus you can submit your song ratings as well. Take a look at the Dylan Fans Gallery - which you might already know from MillionDylanFans.com - now it's fully integrated into this one site. And best of all: You can publish your own fan portrait for free!

In case you're experiencing any kind of problems or if you miss any content or feature from the old site, please let me know. Thanks for your generous support over the past 10 years, now it's time to move on - keeping the good stuff of course...

This is a rare clip of "Positively 4th Street" live in Sydney 1966 - the song that inspired the new website's title. Have fun!

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