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New Dylan song released

Posted on 10/18/2005

The last time we heard a new original Dylan composition was "Cross the Green Mountain" two years ago on the "Gods & Generals" soundtrack. After a period during which Dylan has written his autobiography "Chronicles, Volume One", the new original song "Tell Ol' Bill" has now been released on the soundtrack to the movie "North Country".
The compilation album also includes the original album version of "Lay Lady Lay" (from "Nashville Skyline", 1969), "Sweetheart Like You" (from "Infidels", 1983), and "Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others)" (from "Slow Train Coming", 1979), as well as a cover version of "Girl of the North Country", a song that had originally been recorded for "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" in 1963, and was released in a duet version with Johnny Cash on "Nashville Skyline" in 1969.

Following the release of his autobiography Dylan told in an interview that he was working on new songs. So far only "Tell Ol' Bill" was released, but we're all hoping for a new album some time soon, maybe next year.

You can listen to "Tell Ol' Bill" and the other tracks from the soundtrack on

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