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"AustroBob" – an odd yet genuinely authentic new Bob Dylan book (in German)

9783854395171_l"Oh No! Not Another Bob Dylan Book" already made it as a book title in 1991. And for starters – yes, close to everything has been written and published on Bob Dylan and his body of work during the past five decades. So why are new books on the subject being released continuously today, what is it that still feeds authors to create "new" or repeat already published information, ideally at least from a different perspective?
The answer my friend, this time around it ain't blowin' in the wind. It's the local and individual approach. In times when globalization tends to be daily business in most parts of our everyday lives, social media and communication technology gives us opportunity to combine those local and individual aspects, opinions and information with what we experience on a global scale. So Bob Dylan, being such a global phenomenon in music for the longest time now, seems to have become an interesting topic to focus on.– And this is why we want to take a closer look on AustroBob, a new Bob Dylan book (in German) published by Falter Verlag in Vienna, Austria. On 216 pages the book manages to deliver a new approach on the effect of Dylan's work on a local and personal scale. Basically what you read here might have happened in other countries in a quite similar manner. But if you're capable of the German language, you definitely should read this one.
AustroBob is a Dylan-reader that revisits and compiles for the first time Bob Dylan's influences on Austrian literature, music, popular culture, as well as social and cultural studies. But what makes it really special is the many personal stories that come along with the local impact of Dylan's work.

AustroBob will be released on November 28, 2014.

MIKE HOBO | November 26, 2014 | BOOKS

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