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Exclusive offer: Dylan's original 1st Chronicles manuscript!

When Zainab McCoy, visual and performing artist from Philadelphia who is currently living in Oslo contacted me, I was immediately astonished by the unique item she had to offer: Her late husband Hans Marius Stormoen translated Dylan's "Chronicles, Volume 1" into Norwegian. After his work was finished, Zainab asked him what to do with the original manuscript. His simple reply was “Put it in the trash. Or just do whatever you want to do with it”, she tells me. But of course this is not what you would do with a true collector's item.
To everyone’s surprise, just before Bob Dylan’s book was going to be released worldwide and Stormoen was nearly halfway finished translating it, the phone rang. It was the Chief Editor of the Norwegian publishing house, telling him to immediately stop his translation, "Dylan has sent us a new manuscript"! On the same day the new version of the manuscript arrived from New York, the one that would later end up as the official book release. Zainab's job was to read both versions and mark the changes that Dylan had made so that her husband could easily find them and not have to completely run through what he had already translated. A complicated task, as she confirms.
Page from 1st Chronicles manuscriptBack to the first, completely unedited manuscript: As Zainab told me, in the first manuscript you can hear Dylan’s voice, his casual unedited way of speaking and writing. It even includes Bob's personal note to the editor “type written on the PC”. None of the manuscripts contain any handwriting by Dylan. Still since there were so many changes made from the first to the second manuscript, the original unpublished version remains an important item for every serious rarities collector and Bob Dylan fan.

Please note that the authenticity of the original Chronicles manuscript copies can be verified by Morten Malmø, Chief Editor at DAMM/EGMONT in Oslo, Norway, who personally hand delivered the first manuscript to Hans Marius Stormoen, who also translated several other works such as Bob Dylan’s “Scrape Book”. He died on June 1, 2006, whilst in the middle of translating Sharon Osbourne’s autobiography “Extreme”.

Supported by positively-bobdylan.com Zainab McCoy now exclusively offers to sell the original first manuscript to the highest bidder - THIS IS A CALL TO SERIOUS COLLECTORS ONLY! McCoy will request a face-to-face meeting with the eventual buyer to see and purchase the complete manuscript. It will NOT be sent via e-mail! In case you are seriously interested, you may contact her at hmstormo@hotmail.com.

MIKE HOBO | March 17, 2008 | BOOKS

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william May 16, 2010
Isn't the selling of copyrighted material illegal, even if the writer, Bob Dylan, said "do what ever you want with it?" An email stating that fact does not negative or compromise a previous copywritten document / contract from the Publisher. Unless Simon & Schuster Publishing and Bob Dylan agreed to have this personal document be sold for personal gain one selling it or the individual buying it can be prosecuted for buying selling an unauthorized document. I wonder what the late Hans Marius Stormoen would do?

Zainab McCoy March 29, 2008
Thank you for your show of trust and support. Yes, Rankflv, I agree with you whole heartily. I sent Mike Hobo’s Positively Bob Dylan link to the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles because they seem to have a great love and respect for Bob as illustrated by their website. They’d be the perfect organisation to do such a generous thing. But you know in 1947 when a little Bedouin boy (who is nameless to me), discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls, the scholars, researchers, historians and anthropologist kept them amongst themselves for many years. I’ve kept the contents of the Chronicles - volume one manuscript to myself now for nearly four years. Now is the time to let the world get to know the real unedited Bob Dylan. And why not, he’s not just a musician or an industry; he’s public property. We musicians are nothing without a loving supportive public. Like Tom said “I only hope one day someone will make a ruckus over my manuscripts”. I believe the true fans of Bob Dylan will love and respect him even more after they read his honest unedited manuscript. Positively Zainab

rankflv March 29, 2008
It should be scanned, made into a pdf and freely distributed among fans.

Zainab McCoy March 26, 2008
Hi Sean, That was a great critique of the Dylan original first Chronicles manuscript article and the unpublished text which is posted on Mike Hobo’s ‘Positively Bob Dylan’ website. Thanks for breaking it down historically for the readers and potential buyers. I refer to the manuscript as the “first” because Bob sent two. If you favour the word “early” manus that’s fine & mellow but it’s only a matter of semantics. If you think that page had a spectacular error you’d die laughing at the rest. I’ve come to believe that the rest of the deleted text could be source material for writing a psychoanalytical novel about the man himself. I hope Bob’s fans appreciate the value of reading it for free on Mikes website. Keep Swingin’ Zainab McCoy

RightWingBob.com » Mixed Up Confusion March 26, 2008
[...] early manuscript of Bob Dylan’s memoir, Chronicles, being offered for sale, as described at this link (from March 17th). Actually, it’s described as the first manuscript of Chronicles — [...]

Zainab McCoy March 25, 2008
Hi Tom, Thanks for sharing. That’s a great plot for a novel and Dorian certainly is apropos. It reminds me of a play I wrote loosely based on the life of Billie Holiday, 'A Bright Day for a Dark Lady'. The only problem is she’s in hell with Rock musicians and agents. God is holding a grudge against her because she destroyed her life. Her Jazz musician friends are all in heaven trying to get her out of hell. A serious tip; write some comments in your handwriting in the margins of you manus for Blood on the Tracks and it’ll fetch a nice sum for some heir far off in the future. But most importantly, be sure to follow up Blood on the Tracks with many other good books. Keep Swingin’ Zainab McCoy WTV.no

Tom Grasty March 20, 2008
This is a real find to be sure. I only hope one day such a ruckus will be made over the MS for my novel, which also happens to have a little Dylan in it. It's called BLOOD ON THE TRACKS, and it's a murder-mystery. But not just any rock superstar is knocking on heaven's door. The murdered rock legend is none other than Bob Dorian, an enigmatic, obtuse, inscrutable, well, you get the picture... Suspects? Tons of them. The only problem is they're all characters in Bob's songs. You can get a copy on Amazon.com or go "behind the tracks" at www.bloodonthetracksnovel.com to learn more about the book.

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