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It's Rolling Thunder hat time again!

Bob seems to have found his RTR hat again. In a series of recent gigs he performed wearing a hat that looked like the one from the 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue tour. Keep on keepin' on, Bob - it still fits!


User comments

Alicia Bee May 20, 2009
Sorry to update an old post, but I loved this hat and went searching for it on the internet just now. Was just describing how the hat I wanted to buy today was very RTR, and rock. I love this trivia, here.

diana March 18, 2008
I'd love him to go back to some of the RTR regalia. well, not exactly. I think I mean I'd like to see a little of that old wildness. I've been wondering if it's time for a new transition or if he's settled into this persona for good. That would be the most surprising Dylan move.

rob mcnurlin March 18, 2008
The original RTR hat is now in Marty Stuarts possession. It was part of his Sparkle and Twang exibit at the TN State Museum

Richard March 17, 2008
Similar, but I think the RTR hat had a much different crown. the 2008 chapeau has a flat crown, the RTR is dented - or whatever the hat-makers terms may be. My God, I've just sunk to a new low in Dylan trivia.

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