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Jeff Bridges performs "The Man in Me"

Actor Jeff Bridges performed a few songs at the Rolling Stone office to promote his new self-titled Country album. This is his rendition of Bob Dylan's 1970 tune "The Man in Me", which appeared on the movie soundtrack of "Crazy Heart". Enjoy!

You can post your comment on the original song "The Man In Me" from the 1970 album "New Morning" here.

MIKE HOBO | August 17, 2011 | TRIBUTES

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Annemarie Govers September 01, 2011
this was really neato! Igrew up listening to my older brother"s Zimmy album"s. I believe Jeff is doing one of the best cover version"s on the net. And the young lady on the fiddle is lke Scarlett , who played with Bob"s crew. well ye all...thankyou from the deepest of my Heart...I think I love Bob in more way"s then normally possible...yet never got to shake his hand. OH GOODY tho....he will be in the Netherlands in October...I"ll be standing up front. What I would like i n his repertoire is songs like LayLady Lay....You"re a Big Girl now...Meet me in the Morning....Frankie Lee & Judas Priest...yeah I got a list of fave calmly sung song>s. After all.. Bob is 70...he could fill a venue sitting in a stoel solo...playing like in the beginning....solo. Peace & Love.......and Keep on Rocking......P.S. please pass around to Bob....In Rotterdam and vicinity..people have been falsely purchasing none existent tickets! Some assholes put ticket ads in the internet...some budget crew...are conartists and Bob will become shortcoming of his deserved paycheck!

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