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New Dylan exhibition in Berlin

Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art Gallery in Berlin opens the exhibition "A Tribute to Bob Dylan" on March 28. Eleven artists approach the subject in very different ways: through portrait paintings, songs, lyrics, visual elements, related literature or other representations of an era.
Egbert Baqué has always been interested in Bob Dylan. Ever since founding the gallery, every year he has been hosting a Bob Dylan birthday party with a solo concert "Baqué Plays Dylan". The current exhibition is taking place concurrently with Dylan’s European tour and the release of his new studio album "Together Through Life", which will be released on April 28.

Eine Hommage an Bob Dylan
A Tribute to Bob Dylan

Abetz & Drescher
Pia Arnström
Walter Bortolossi
Selket Chlupka
Claus Feldmann
Ivar Kaasik
Heike Kelter
René Luckhardt
Wolfgang Neumann
Tim Plamper

March 28 until June 6, 2009

UPDATE: Video on the exhibition, presented by Egbert Baqué (in German)

MIKE HOBO | March 19, 2009 | ART, EVENTS

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