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Original Mono Recordings released

On October 19, 2010 Columbia Records releases "Bob Dylan – The Original Mono Recordings", including Dylan’s first eight albums available in a Limited Edition Box set of newly mastered mono versions for the first time on CD and vinyl. The Original Mono Recordings is reproduced from first generation monaural mixes as the artist intended them to be heard. While stereo recordings had been available as early as the mid-1950s, mono was still the predominant – and often preferred – mode of recording and mixing by the top artists of the 1960s.

The Original Mono Recordings are accompanied by a deluxe booklet, featuring vintage photographs of Bob Dylan and an expansive essay from renowned author and critic – and longtime Dylan aficionado – Greil Marcus. Each disc in the set comes in its own individual jacket which faithfully replicates the original album artwork, complete with labels and stickers that were found on the original 1960s releases.

These eight albums – spanning his debut Bob Dylan from 1962, through John Wesley Harding released in 1967 – are universally regarded as some of the most important works in the history of recorded music.

MIKE HOBO | October 15, 2010 | RECORDS

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fenderbirds October 18, 2010
nice article, keep the posts coming

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