Ugliest Girl Remix

Five years ago, in May 2009 I sat down to to create a little remix of Dylan's track "Ugliest Girl In The World" from "Down in the Groove" (1988). It's a funny song ("The woman that I love she got two flat feet/Her knees knock together walking down the street") that he wrote together with Robert Hunter from the Grateful Dead. So what the heck, why not do a "Dylan meets house music" track with it? Somehow it fits in nicely, what do you think?

Yes, Dylan actually sings "I'm in love with the ugliest girl in the world" and not "I made love...". But don't you take this whole thing too seriously :-)

Here we go, TLH ("The Lonesome Hobo") featuring Zimmy:

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MIKE HOBO | May 10, 2014 | RECORDS