Unreleased song featured on NCIS Soundtrack album

On November 3rd a previously unreleased and even on Bootlegs uncirculated studio outtake from the sessions (1965) will be featured in an episode of NCIS. The 44 years old track "California (Goin' Down South)" will also be the opener for the official TV soundtrack album "NCIS Vol. 2", which will be released on the same day. It actually is an early piano-version of "Outlaw Blues", a song that later appeared on "Bringing It All Back Home" where one verse of the original version remained the same. For the 2009 TV soundtrack album the old track has been newly mixed and mastered, but fortunately you can still feel the spirit of the legendary recording sessions and Dylan at his best.

MIKE HOBO | October 29, 2009 | MEDIA, RECORDS