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Get your favorite Bob Dylan T-Shirt now! Positively-BobDylan.com proudly introduces the new Web Shop for both European and US website visitors. Currently you can choose between 12 different T-Shirt designs in the European Web Shop and another 12 alternative designs in the US Web Shop.

You won't find these anywhere else on the Internet, so check out the genuine items for any Dylan fan and collector. The offered high quality 100% cotton T-Shirts include: Men's Fully Stitched Basic Cotton T-Shirts by Fruit of the Loom, Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirts by American Apparel, and Tailored Girlie Shirts.
Selling prices start from $12,90 (US) or €12,90 (EU) exkl. shipping. Ready for dispatch usually within 1-2 work days!

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