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Nashville Skyline

Year: 1969
Produced by: Bob Johnston
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660 ratings in total
Still more country music on this one than on its predecessor. A controversial album, yet quite successful with the classic "Lay Lady Lay" and the beautiful "I Threw It All Away". A new duet-version of "Girl From The North Country" is the only song taken from the recording sessions with Johnny Cash.
Re-released in 2003 on a remastered Hybrid Stereo SACD.
Musicians: Norman Blake (guit), Kenneth A. Buttrey (drums), Johnny Cash (voc, guit), Charlie Daniels (bass), Pete Drake (guit), Charles McCoy (bass)

Track Song Ratings
1 Girl from the North Country [Duet with Johnny Cash] (Bob Dylan)
 Originally released on »The Freewheelin'«
55 votes
1 comment
2 Nashville Skyline Rag (Bob Dylan)
44 votes
3 To Be Alone With You (Bob Dylan)
50 votes
4 I Threw It All Away (Bob Dylan)
89 votes
5 Peggy Day (Bob Dylan)
42 votes
6 Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan)
 Classic   Single  
74 votes
7 One More Night (Bob Dylan)
158 votes
8 Tell Me That It Isn't True (Bob Dylan)
52 votes
1 comment
9 Country Pie (Bob Dylan)
45 votes
10 Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (Bob Dylan)
51 votes

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