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Under The Red Sky

Year: 1990
Produced by: Don Was, David Was, Jack Frost (Bob Dylan)
10 of 10 songs rated
873 ratings in total
Recorded & mixed by Ed Cherney

A firework of guest musicians and some re-recorded "Oh Mercy" outtakes, such as "Born In Time" and "God Knows".
"Unbelieveable" was released as a single with an ironic video featuring Dylan in the role of a relaxed limo driver ("LSD" on the license plate). And "T.V. Talkin' Song" is Dylan's contemporary answer to his talkin' blues of the early 1960s.
Musicians: Kenny Aronoff (drums), Sweet Pea Atkinson (voc), Rayse Biggs (trumpet), Sir Harry Bowens (voc), David Crosby (voc), Paulinho Da Costa (perc), Robben Ford (guit), George Harrison (guit), Bruce Hornsby (piano), Randy Jackson (bass), Elton John (piano), Al Kooper (key, org), David Lindley (guit), David McMurray (sax), Donald Ray Mitchell (voc), Jaimie Muhoberac (org), Jimmie Vaughan (guit), Stevie Ray Vaughan (guit), Robert "Waddy" Wachtel (guit), David Was (voc), Don Was (bass)

Track Song Ratings
1 Wiggle Wiggle (Bob Dylan)
55 votes
1 comment
2 Under The Red Sky (Bob Dylan)
119 votes
1 comment
3 Unbelievable (Bob Dylan)
 Video available   Single  
104 votes
4 Born In Time (Bob Dylan)
 PBD pick  
188 votes
5 T.V. Talkin' Song (Bob Dylan)
69 votes
6 10.000 Men (Bob Dylan)
47 votes
1 comment
7 2 X 2 (Bob Dylan)
46 votes
8 God Knows (Bob Dylan)
56 votes
9 Handy Dandy (Bob Dylan)
131 votes
10 Cat's In The Well (Bob Dylan)
58 votes

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