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Masked and Anonymous

Year: 2003
4 of 4 songs rated
164 ratings in total
This motion picture soundtrack includes various interpretations of Dylan's songs, e.g. by Grateful Dead & Jerry Garcia, Los Lobos and Shirley Caesar. Especially the Italian versions of "Like A Rolling Stone" (Rap) and "If You See Her, Say Hello", as well as the Japanese version of "My Back Pages" work great.
Dylan and his current tour band (appeared on the last album "Love & Theft") contribute 4 songs: new versions of "Down In The Flood" and "Cold Irons Bound" plus the traditionals "Diamond Joe" and "Dixie".

Track Song Ratings
3 Down in the Flood [New Version] (Bob Dylan)
5 votes
7 Diamond Joe (Traditional)
7 votes
11 Dixie (Traditional)
8 votes
13 Cold Irons Bound [New Version] (Bob Dylan)
 Video available   PBD pick   Film/TV
144 votes

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