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The 50th Anniversary Collection

Year: 2012
The set contains 86 Dylan songs recorded in 1962, including numerous takes of "Mixed Up Confusion," "Sally Gal," "That's All Right, Mama" and "Baby, Please Don't Go."

Track Song Ratings
1 Going Down To New Orleans [Take 1] (Bob Dylan)
2 Going Down To New Orleans [Take 2] (Bob Dylan)
3 Sally Gal [Take 2] (Bob Dylan)
4 Sally Gal [Take 3] (Bob Dylan)
5 Rambling Gambling Willie [Take 1] (Bob Dylan)
6 Rambling Gambling Willie [Take 3] (Bob Dylan)
7 Corrina, Corrina [Take 1] (Bob Dylan)
8 Corrina, Corrina [Take 2] (Bob Dylan)
9 The Death Of Emmett Till [Take 1] (Bob Dylan)
10 (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle [Take 2] (Bob Dylan)
11 Rocks And Gravel (Solid Road) [Take 3] (Bob Dylan)
12 Sally Gal [Take 4] (Bob Dylan)
13 Sally Gal [Take 5] (Bob Dylan)
14 Baby, Please Don't Go [Take 1] (Bob Dylan)
15 Baby, Please Don't Go [Take 3] (Bob Dylan)
16 Milk Cow (Calf's) Blues (Good Morning Blues) [Take 1] (Bob Dylan)
17 Milk Cow (Calf's) Blues (Good Morning Blues) [Take 3] (Bob Dylan)
18 Wichita Blues (Going To Louisiana) [Take 1] (Bob Dylan)
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19 Wichita Blues (Going To Louisiana) [Take 2] (Bob Dylan)
20 Milk Cow (Calf's) Blues (Good Morning Blues) [Take 4] (Bob Dylan)
21 Wichita Blues (Going To Louisiana) [Take 2] (Bob Dylan)
22 Baby, I'm In The Mood For You [Take 2] (Bob Dylan)
23 Blowin' In The Wind [Take 1] (Bob Dylan)
24 Blowin' In The Wind [Take 2] (Bob Dylan)
25 Worried Blues [Take 1] (Bob Dylan)
26 Baby, I'm In The Mood For You [Take 4] (Bob Dylan)
27 Bob Dylan's Blues [Take 2] (Bob Dylan)
28 Bob Dylan's Blues [Take 3] (Bob Dylan)
29 Corrina, Corrina [Take 2] (Bob Dylan)
30 Corrina, Corrina [Take 3] (Bob Dylan)
31 That's All Right, Mama [Take 1] (Bob Dylan)
32 That's All Right, Mama [Take 3] (Bob Dylan)
33 That's All Right, Mama [Take 5] (Bob Dylan)
34 Mixed Up Confusion [Take 3] (Bob Dylan)
35 Mixed Up Confusion [Take 5] (Bob Dylan)
36 Mixed Up Confusion [Take 6] (Bob Dylan)
37 Mixed Up Confusion [Take 7] (Bob Dylan)
38 Mixed Up Confusion [Take 9] (Bob Dylan)
39 Mixed Up Confusion [Take 10] (Bob Dylan)
40 Mixed Up Confusion [Take 11] (Bob Dylan)
41 That's All Right, Mama [Take 3] (Bob Dylan)
42 Rocks And Gravels (Solid Road) [Take 2] (Bob Dylan)
43 Ballad Of Hollis Brown [Take 2] (Bob Dylan)
44 Kingsport Town [Take 1] (Bob Dylan)
45 When Death Comes Creepin' (Whatcha Gonna Do?) [Take 1] (Bob Dylan)
46 Hero Blues [Take 1] (Bob Dylan)
47 When Death Comes Creepin' (Whatcha Gonna Do?) [Take 2] (Bob Dylan)
48 I Shall Be Free [Take 3] (Bob Dylan)
49 I Shall Be Free [Take 5] (Bob Dylan)
50 Hero Blues [Take 2] (Bob Dylan)
51 Hero Blues [Take 4] (Bob Dylan)
52 Hard Times In New York Town [Mackenzie Home Tapes] (Bob Dylan)
53 The Death Of Emmett Till [Mackenzie Home Tapes] (Bob Dylan)
54 I Rode Out One Morning [Mackenzie Home Tapes] (Bob Dylan)
55 House Of The Rising Sun [Mackenzie Home Tapes] (Bob Dylan)
56 See That My Grave Is Kept Clean [Mackenzie Home Tapes] (Bob Dylan)
57 Ballad Of Donald White [Mackenzie Home Tapes] (Bob Dylan)
58 Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance [Gerde's Folk City] (Bob Dylan)
59 Talkin' New York [Gerde's Folk City] (Bob Dylan)
60 Corrina, Corrina [Gerde's Folk City] (Bob Dylan)
61 Deep Ellum Blues [Gerde's Folk City] (Bob Dylan)
62 Blowin' In The Wind [Gerde's Folk City] (Bob Dylan)
63 The Death Of Emmett Till [Finjan Club, Montreal] (Bob Dylan)
64 Stealin' [Finjan Club, Montreal] (Bob Dylan)
65 Hiram Hubbard [Finjan Club, Montreal] (Bob Dylan)
66 Blowin' In The Wind [Finjan Club, Montreal] (Bob Dylan)
67 Rocks And Gravel [Finjan Club, Montreal] (Bob Dylan)
68 Quit Your Low Down Ways [Finjan Club, Montreal] (Bob Dylan)
69 He Was A Friend Of Mine [Finjan Club, Montreal] (Bob Dylan)
70 Let Me Die In My Footsteps [Finjan Club, Montreal] (Bob Dylan)
71 Two Trains Runnin' [Finjan Club, Montreal] (Bob Dylan)
72 Ramblin' On My Mind [Finjan Club, Montreal] (Bob Dylan)
73 Muleskinner Blues [Finjan Club, Montreal] (Bob Dylan)
74 Muleskinner Blues (Part 2) [Finjan Club, Montreal] (Bob Dylan)
75 Sally Gal [Carnegie Hall Hootenanny] (Bob Dylan)
76 Highway 51 [Carnegie Hall Hootenanny] (Bob Dylan)
77 Talking John Birch Paranoid Blues [Carnegie Hall Hootenanny] (Bob Dylan)
78 Ballad Of Hollis Brown [Carnegie Hall Hootenanny] (Bob Dylan)
79 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall [Carnegie Hall Hootenanny] (Bob Dylan)
80 See That My Grave Is Kept Clean [The Gaslight Café, NYC] (Bob Dylan)
81 No More Auction Block [The Gaslight Café, NYC] (Bob Dylan)
82 Motherless Children [The Gaslight Café, NYC] (Bob Dylan)
83 Kind Hearted Woman Blues [The Gaslight Café, NYC] (Bob Dylan)
84 Black Cross [The Gaslight Café, NYC] (Bob Dylan)
85 Ballad Of Hollis Brown [The Gaslight Café, NYC] (Bob Dylan)
86 Ain't No More Cane [The Gaslight Café, NYC] (Bob Dylan)

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