Live at The Gaslight 1962

Year: 2005
Produced by: Steve Berkowitz, Jeff Rosen
Live album including several recorded acoustic performances from October 1962 at the Gaslight Café on MacDougal Street in New York City's Greenwich Village, close to where Bob Dylan was living at the time. A few months after these performances Dylan released his landmark album "The Freewheelin'".
Many years before this official release the "Gaslight Tapes" have been available on several Bootleg releases, including the rare CD from 2001 with 7 more tracks than this official release.

Track Song Ratings
1 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Bob Dylan)
 Originally released on »The Freewheelin'«
1 vote
2 Rocks and Gravel (Bob Dylan)
3 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Bob Dylan)
 Originally released on »The Freewheelin'«
1 vote
4 The Cuckoo (Is a Pretty Bird) (trad., arr. by Clarence Ashley)
5 Moonshiner (trad., arr. by Bob Dylan)
1 vote
6 Handsome Molly (trad., arr. by Bob Dylan)
7 Cocaine (trad., arr. by Rev. Gary Davis)
8 John Brown (Bob Dylan)
1 vote
9 Barbara Allen (trad., arr. by Bob Dylan)
10 West Texas (trad., arr. by Bob Dylan)