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Man Of Peace

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Infidels (1983)

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Jeremy I find this song utterly boring. The lyrics are shallow, and musically it is way to repetitious. Why did he include is one? He could have inculded Blind Willie McTell, Foot Of Pride and Someones Got A Hold Of My Heart instead! Jan 06, 2009
CBMAN Check out the version with The Grateful Dead on their Postcards From The Hanging release. It is definitive. Dec 20, 2008
Bill Cohen Look out your window baby, there's a scene you'd like to catch. The band is playing Dixie, a man got his hand outstretched. Could be the Fuhrer ( Hitler) Could be the local priest. You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace. This song was written 24 years ago and is as current today as it was the day it was penned. In this song, with driving drums, Dylan tells us not to believe the sweet love songs that our leaders sing to us. Now we are sending our young men and women to die in a land that has never attacked us. We hear the slippery and oily tongues that tell us that if we don't kill them there, they will come after us here. Sounds good., but as we listen to this very powerful song we also hear that maybe this is the Devil standing next to you, the person that you'd notice least, because sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace! So here we are , in the middle of a civil war, getting killed there. But our leaders tell us that it is right, this is a just war and that God is on our side and that our brave young men and women are doing this for us. What a horrible joke. We are getting slaughtered, so our Satans devise a new plan. Send more of our young to die. The people who have the guts to say that this is so wrong are accused of being un-American and are undermining the morale of our troops. To be truly American then, is to send more kids to spill their blood in the sand. Have arms and legs blown off; their faces shattered. Now thats American. Just look out your window baby and catch the scene! The only small problem is that we cannot take care of them medically or psychologically when they come home. Oh well, what the hell. We can't be bogged down by problems like that. Nothing's perfect! When I was 19, I wore the uniform proudly. I was a combat infantry soldier in Korea. I came home without a physical scratch allthough I saw a lot of people die. The VA gave me money so I could go to college. I can understand the terror and confusion of what these soldiers feel. I was there and came home like an emotional train wreck. I got help immediately, and was lucky enough to calm down and focus on school. I found a therapist who had fought in World War 11, and he was able to understand my misery and help me through it. The bulk of these young people will not be that lucky. So Bob Dylan tells us over and over, in song after song about hypocracy, lies, the Devil in a business suit, leaders who sit in their tower while " the young people's blood flow out of their body and into the mud" In so many of his early songs he told us, he warned us, he begged us to understand, to just try to understand that the "only Son of God Almighty" laid down his life trying to tell us that that love and peace is the only way not to end up pushing the button so that the "chemical dust" will blow the world wide. He says that " now that I'm leaving, I'm weary as hell. The confusion I'm feeling, ain't no tongue can tell. The words leave my lips and fall to the floor. If God's on our side, He'll stop the next war." Having lived through four wars, I wonder, especially at this holy time of year are we ever going to listen to the word of God, or anybody else who tries to tell us anything, or is Satan just too tempting? Mar 29, 2007
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