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I and I

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Infidels (1983)

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Bill Have you all heard the "new" version by BD recorded for "A reggae tribute to Bob" Stunning! I'm simple, "I and I" is Mr Dylan, one writes the song and the other has to be the performer. These are not exchangeable roles, they are mutually exclusive. He cant be one and the other, only ONE or the OTHER. He was asked, long ago by a young fan: "Hey are you Bob Dylan?" and he answered: "Only when I have to be kid!" Mar 19, 2009
RobinA I knew why then, In Another Life (lives within lives). Among his songs... as with the sons and daughters:...No favorites. Nov 18, 2007
Bill Cohen This, in my opinion is a most important biblical story regarding Moses and his meeting with God at the Burning Bush. Moses, astonished asks God,"who are you" God responds " I am that I am" ( I and I). Further on in the saga of Moses leading the Jewish slaves to the promised land, the summing up in Deuteronomy i which is the last major work of the 5 books of the Old Testament, Moses talks again of God to the Isrealites admonishing them to obey the 10 Commandments which God had presented to Moses. They asked about the appearance of God, to which Moses responded that "no man sees his face and lives" I feel that I and I was about God and in some small way Dylan's intense effort to keep people from invading his space. Only a few people really know Dylan, and he fiercely protects himself from being known and exploited as was the case in his early years. Dylan, in addition to being a brilliant poet , is also a Biblical Scholar. Many of his Songs are taken from the Bible and reworked to tell a story. So much of his success comes from a firey intellect and a need to tell a story. Apr 18, 2006
Mike Hobo It's hard to say how many votes actually were fake, plus that could have happened with other songs as well. it's just a matter of time until the results will be shown in a correct order... Apr 09, 2006
Jack Good news Mike, but how is any track going to catch the main culprit now at no.1? Apr 07, 2006
Mike Hobo Jack, you're probably right - thanks for pointing that out. From now on manipulation is not possible anymore. Ratings are limited to 1 submission for each user and song. Apr 06, 2006
Jack This site's points system is easily manipulated by those who need to get a life! Obviously not true bob fans. Apr 06, 2006
David Weiss you have to be kidding me that people chose this mediocore song that repeats it chrous over nad over again as their #1 dylan tune.. Saddens me........................:( Mar 31, 2006
botticelli's nephew duality. who you are and who you want to be are rarely the same person. Mar 29, 2006
Matthew Easily among my very fav Bob tunes. The image of two men waiting for spring to come "smokin' down the tracks" never fails to move me. I love the Biblical allusions, such as 'deviding the word of truth,' and I think people overlook the importance of it in comparison to his pure gospel work, which came just before this. To me, Infidels suggests that while the pursuit of the spiritual is important, we have lives to lead. And following the path can get weary. And lonely. Nov 25, 2005
Nina In his mainly terrific book, Song and Dance Man, Michael Gray dismisses this entire album as "insipid" and claims I & I is portentous. As opposed to legitimately significant. Michael Gray, please listen to this song sans whatever waxy substance was clogging your entire skull when you wrote that paragraph in your otherwise terrific book. I tried to hear this song as something other than frighteningly brilliant both on paper and vocally, and I failed to manage the critical acumen necessary to hear portentous in it. I guess I'll clog my skull up with whatever did the trick for Mr Gray, and try again not to hear the combination of bitterness and yearning in the voice, and try not to find the line "..neither honors nor forgives" fascinating, and the line "..no man sees my face and lives" chilling, and I'll try not to actually see the sleeping woman that the singer sees, and then I'll try not to be troubled by the vague desire to protect her from the song. Okay, I'll get some waxy substance and do the hard work of hearing this song right. Jun 02, 2005
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