Shot Of Love

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Shot Of Love (1981)

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Hobsbawn Powerful singing, top drawer Dylan song. May 19, 2011
Jeremy It took me years before I fell in love with this song, and before I got a hint what it is about. In a "between-songs-rap" during one of the gospel shows in 1980, Dylan speaks of a freind, who said that he couldn´t be a christian because he wasn´t able to love his enemy. As any reader of the Bible knows, Jesus want us to love - not only our friends and those near and dear to us - but also our enemies. (Matt 5:44). I think the lyrics are about this struggle. "There´s a man who hates me/And he´s swift smooth and near/Am I supposed to set back/ And wait until he´s here?/ I need a shot of love!" The music is geat as well. Edgy, raw, soul and rock n roll. Jan 06, 2009
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1981 Shot Of Love
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