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Every Grain of Sand

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Shot Of Love (1981)
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Scott H Incredibly beautiful...tall bar to jump but it could be Dylan's most beautiful piece. One of those songs that is almost impossible to comment on because no words can match those lyrics. Shot Of Love is an incredibly underrated album with a wonderful mix of hard rockers remiscent of Highway 61 blended with the wonderful beauty of this song and In The Summertime. It will never get its due because the subject matter is not accepted in these later days...but you will not find more powerful music than this anywhere. Oct 05, 2011
Vera The most sincere song Dylan's ever written. May 23, 2011
roger Deepness. Such deepness. We all feel it, but few can express it. I prefer the demo version on bootlegs with the dog barking. The dog adds realism and invokes a feeling to appreciate all beings. I'd give this 9 stars if I could. May 20, 2011
Kevin Unbelievable song... it moved me even before i fully understood it- if I even do now. Another one of his songs that gives mental images of your own life, and those images change with time, which constantly gives new light and life to the song- it's timeless. May 19, 2011
Diana Wonderful words; melody not so much. Sep 15, 2009
L.Lub If a follower of Christ is honest with himself or herself, they will admit that many times it is difficult to live in this world. But then the men and women in the Bible had the same challenges to their faith, and did not always know how to make the right choices. They, like us, could not hear or see Him. But ultimately we must trust Him and have faith in Him for everything, as we work out our daily lives. This stepping out in faith is what Dylan did and still does. It always surprises me that faith grows when you trust and aren't sure what will happen or when, and then looking back you see God was with you all along even if it wasn't what you expected! This song captures the difficulty of living a life of trust and I hope it continues to speak to real people about real faith. Dec 29, 2007
David Dixon I've recently read an intelligent reviewer who claimed this song represents Dylan's clearest statement about his loss of faith; he ignored "sometimes I turn, there's someone there," and focused instead on "other times it's only me," and declared that Bob was admitting that perhaps his faith had been in something imaginary. Nonsense! This is a humble description of a man's attempt to walk with God in all the messiness, confusion, and doubts that come in life. It's a song about holding on to the truth in the midst of temptation and difficulty. Ultimately, he declares his confidence that there is a plan, and that it is perfect and finished, and loved by the One who knows the number of hairs on his head. Dec 20, 2007
David U Everything about this song has a timeless beauty to it. It is also perhaps the most complete example of Dylan being utterl humble before God. It drives me to tears, honest self-examination, and repentance. Jun 28, 2007
Jay Barney For a while, in 1981, this was the song most played on the Christian radio station broadcasting from "Haddadland," the enclave in southern Lebanon. I would listen in eastern Galilee, on medium wave. Jan 19, 2007
Benni G One of best song about "Our Soul" Apr 24, 2006
victor absolute masterpiece Mar 30, 2006
Iain G To me this is the most honest and intimate song he has ever produced. "I am hanging in the balance" indeed.....and THAT harp playing.....it's a fitting end to this fine album about his inner struggles and how he resolves them. Mar 29, 2006
David Dixon What a wonderful painting he crafted in this song; sorrow, peace, regret, humility, faith, temptation, doubt, and lonely struggle ebb and flow through this short, but evocative song. There's a strong sense of loss, but such a sweet hopefulness. Mar 29, 2006
Bill Cohen This is the true understanding of Lord God. That every hair is numbered, like every grain of sand. If a man can make his confession, and cry for all that he has done wrong, he will realize that nothing in the design of the universe can happen without the will of God. It is a devastating awareness of the blessing that He has given us , and the free will to follow his teachings as best he can. To be an imitation of Christ in it's truest form is the most difficult thing a man will ever do in his live on this earth. Mar 16, 2006
Dean DeHarppporte I am an atheist but that doesn't stop me from appreciating the spiritual power of this song. I don't like hymns but that doesn't stop me from being overwhelmed by the poetry of what is surely the best hymn ever written. The way Dylan sings the title line sears it into my soul so deep it will never be lost. Mar 11, 2006
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