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Pretty Saro

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait (1969-1971) (2013)

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Terry L Sublime performance! Aug 29, 2013
PeterK Brilliant song, brilliant singing! Aug 26, 2013
Paul Williams Very beautiful tender singing from Bob Aug 26, 2013
Klaus Very tender and nice. Absolutely beautiful. Aug 26, 2013
Jim Cross Very good, tender. Aug 26, 2013
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Track Song
1 Went To See The Gypsy (demo) (Bob Dylan)
2 In Search Of Little Sadie (without overdubs) (Bob Dylan)
3 Pretty Saro (Bob Dylan)
4 Alberta #3 (alternate version) (Bob Dylan)
5 Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (Bob Dylan)
6 Annie's Going To Sing Her Song (Bob Dylan)
7 Time Passes Slowly #1 (alternate version) (Bob Dylan)
8 Only A Hobo (Bob Dylan)
9 Minstrel Boy (Bob Dylan)
10 I Threw It All Away (alternate version) (Bob Dylan)
11 Railroad Bill (Bob Dylan)
12 Thirsty Boots (Bob Dylan)
13 This Evening So Soon (Bob Dylan)
14 These Hands (Bob Dylan)
15 Little Sadie (without overdubs) (Bob Dylan)
16 House Carpenter (Bob Dylan)
17 All The Tired Horses (without overdubs) (Bob Dylan)
18 If Not For You (alternate version) (Bob Dylan)
19 Wallflower (alternate version) (Bob Dylan)
20 Wigwam (without overdubs) (Bob Dylan)
21 Days Of '49 (without overdubs) (Bob Dylan)
22 Working On A Guru (Bob Dylan)
23 Country Pie (alternate version) (Bob Dylan)
24 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Live With The Band, Isle Of Wight 1969) (Bob Dylan)
25 Highway 61 Revisited (Live With The Band, Isle Of Wight 1969) (Bob Dylan)
26 Copper Kettle (without overdubs) (Bob Dylan)
27 Bring Me A Little Water (Bob Dylan)
28 Sign On The Window (with orchestral overdubs) (Bob Dylan)
29 Tattle O'Day (Bob Dylan)
30 If Dogs Run Free (alternate version) (Bob Dylan)
31 New Morning (with horn section overdubs) (Bob Dylan)
32 Went To See The Gypsy (alternate version) (Bob Dylan)
33 Belle Isle (without overdubs) (Bob Dylan)
34 Time Passes Slowly #2 (alternate version) (Bob Dylan)
35 When I Paint My Masterpiece (demo) (Bob Dylan)
Pretty Saro appears on these albums
Year Album
2013 The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait (1969-1971)

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