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What Can I Do For You

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Saved (1980)

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L.Lub Often, when I recognize a blessing in my life, big or small, momentary or long lasting, I say "Lord, what can I do for You?" It makes me remember the many gifts we take for granted every day and say "Thank you, what would You like me to do to repay such a kindness, such love." I hope it speaks to others as it speaks to me. I also wish these songs could be heard in more places of worship. Dec 29, 2007
David Dixon I like the tenderness expressed in Bob's songs that are directed toward God, rather than toward listeners. The repetition of the question throughout the song emphasizes the gratitude Bob felt for the life he had found in a relationship with God. And the harmonica break is the loveliest he's ever recorded. Dec 20, 2007
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