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Pressing On

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Saved (1980)

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Bill Cohen This is a powerful song of intent to the teachings and love of Jesus. People try to question him and ask him about the reality of Jesus. " Shake me up in my mind", How are they to know that he is the Lord. They want a sign. Dylan asks " What kind of sign they need when it all comes from within". When what's lost has been found, whats to come has already been. He is talking about the life and death of Jesus.In other words, he has already been here. That's the sign! He goes on to sing with pulsating intensity that he's pressing on to the highest calling of the Lord. He proclaims, "Shake the dust off your feet, don't look back. If you have a mission, trust your own judgement and keep on driving on!! To me, this is a very powerful song about Bob Dylan's life. Until his Modern Times album, at 65 years of age, with songs like "I'll be with you when the Deal goes down" does he start to look back over his life and mistakes, specific to mistakes he made in his relationship with his wife Sara. Jan 15, 2007
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