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Are You Ready

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Saved (1980)

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Bill Cohen Are you ready to meet Jesus? Are you where you want to be? Will he know you if he sees you, or will he say "begone from me" Simple question, almost easy to dismiss unless you ealy think about it. Did you just "talk him up"? Did you ask "What kind of a car would Jesus drive", or some other dumb talk like that, or are you rooting for the exhibitionist who just made the headlines with his Bong Hits 4 Jesus poster? Well Jesus didn't drive a car, or do Bong Hits. He walked through cities and towns telling us that it was wrong to kill, either with a gun, or a fountain pen. That if you are rich and will not give to help the poor, your Camel will not fit through the eye of a needle, and more specifically that you will not obtain the gates of Heaven. Pretty soon we will celebrate Good Frioday. What was Good about it since on that day he was murdered? The good was not in the killing of the only son of God Almighty, but the good was the message of how to conduct a life trying to imitate His teachings. So, we each have to ask, " am I ready". Only by looking in the mirror can each of us answer the question. Dylan waws never known to ask easy questions. So do Bong hits if that is the only way you can feel comfortqble in your own skin, but don't ever figure them, or your car you drive to have anything to do with Lord Jesus. Mar 23, 2007
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