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I Believe in You

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Slow Train Coming (1979)

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Alwie Driving down the road I heard this on Dutch E-O radio in the early 80's. It was a big shot in the heart of mine and made me searching and collecting all Bob's songs. Still the world is waiting for some official bootleg-series of his most fabulous live music and studio-outtakes since he's born-again. Nov 10, 2014
SC This is such a beautiful song. Very heartfelt vocals. Very moving. Nov 23, 2006
Bill Cohen This is a very powerful song. Dylan is reaching out to Jesus. This was one of the most daring movements in his life since all his friends were thinking that this was one of his quirky moves. In the song he says that he believes in the Lord when winter turns to summer and when white turns into black. In the song he is begging to not let him drift too far from his love and adoration of the Lord no matter what his friends say. In one paragraph he says "Oh though the earth may shake me. O that my friends forsake me, Oh even that couldn't make me go back". At this point in the song his voice cracks into a agonized plea. This song, in my opinion, is the very beginning of his search for Jesus Christ. He is frightened, confused and sure at the same time. It is the clearest intent of his long journey to reach God. Aug 29, 2006
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