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Slow Train

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Slow Train Coming (1979)

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Bill Cohen This album was the first of 3 albums devoted to Dylan's conversion to Christianity. The album cover shows train tracks with a cross as one of the prominent featurs on the picture. Dylan states that there is a slow train coming, which I believe to be a symbol of his feeling about the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ. He talks about the world as he sees it, full of lies and deception. He talks about Sheiks walking around like kings deciding America's future. The thing about Dylan's magic is that he understood that the liars, and madmen of the world would be in the news today, 27 years later, doing the same thing under the name of GOD. To kill and to destroy under the name of religion. He saw it coming and understood that for him, a strong belief in The Holy Christ would be the only way he could lift his depression and disgust. Dylan was never one to be tedious. He would say something once and move on. His three albums were not played much in the NY area, but were very important in the South, on the "Bible Belt". In many of his performances, when he would talk about Jesus and the coming of the Lord, he was booed off the stage. That didn't stop him. He is a person who does what he thinks is important. When he was urged and required to stop making songs about his personal religious beliefs, he wrote an album called "Shot of Love", in which he included an excellent song called "Property Of Jesus. This album and song was the beginning of his public discussion of his deepest feelings at that time of his life. Aug 27, 2006
Toni terrific rocker... wonderful images... a masterpiece. Jun 05, 2005
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