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From the album: Desire (1976)

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Nacho The great song jail history. A true history. Real life.. May 19, 2011
Tony DePalma I went to the Rolling thunder revue tour this song was pushed. But Bobby blew it here. Hurricane Carter was totally guilty the edvidence over whealming. Crying rscism will not suffice this is no example of it. the guy got off and lives free like O.J. a Murderer Race has not a thing to do with it. Jan 22, 2007
rwellsrwells Dylan pulls it all together in this song. Lyrics only an American could write - beautifully idiomatic, with justice as its subject matter; an absolutely rocking arrangement; and an impassioned delivery. This is Dylan's "poet laureate," number. Mar 29, 2006
oz yurt we have been living for many years in this cases what hurricane tells us. Feb 19, 2006
Ally Carr This song really stood out from all of the rest because it spoke about racism and violence Dec 17, 2005
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1 Hurricane (Dylan/Levy)
2 Isis (Dylan/Levy)
3 Mozambique (Dylan/Levy)
4 One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below) (Bob Dylan)
5 Oh, Sister (Dylan/Levy)
6 Joey (Dylan/Levy)
7 Romance in Durango (Dylan/Levy)
8 Black Diamond Bay (Dylan/Levy)
9 Sara (Bob Dylan)
Hurricane appears on these albums
Year Album
1976 Desire
1994 Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. 3
2000 The Essential Bob Dylan
2002 The Bootleg Series Vol. 5 - Live 1975
2005 The Best Of Bob Dylan
2007 Dylan

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