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One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Desire (1976)
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dennis I heard Dunkin Donuts offered a million for the rights to this song. Bob said no cuz he only drinks tea, with the pinky raised just so..... May 06, 2008
Bill Cohen I totally agree with Nina & Cordelia ( Cordelia is the beautiful and loving daughter in Shakespeare's tragic King Lear- Great name). I feel hat they described the beauty and power of this song better than I ever could. I was particularly interested in the comments by Jenny Kelly, who I think hit the nail on the head. Emmylou Harris doing backup for Dylan in the Desire album was a favor to Johnny Cash. While their voices were perfect together, Dylan could not stand her pedantic, haughty manner. She was a great singer, but a self styled preacher of country music art. After a bit, she was so annoying to him that he refused to rehearse with her. She spent half the time crying, which only annoyed him more. If she missed a beat, he shot her one of his famous dirty looks. After many takes, the song in question turned out to be a masterpiece, as did the album. The whole album was very dificult for Dylan, since his wife Sara, who was about to divorce him, came to New York to hear the production, bringing with her the grim news. His final song on the album was an agonizing ballad, beging her to stay. Bob Dylan, and only Bob Dylan would have worked with this pressure and turned out songs which were magnificent, powerful, and beautiful. So Jenny and Nina and Cordelia were so right about the beauty and power of the song. But Jenny was able to spell out how hard it was for Dylan, at point in his life to work with this extremely annoying performer. If not for his true friend Johnny Cash, and the promise that Dylan had made him to let her do it ,she would not have lasted 10 minutes on the set. Nov 24, 2006
Nina I never get tired of the way his voice soars and quavers in this song, I want everything to fall away but the vocal. I also think it's often underrated lyrically: he paints a hallucinative portrait of this world which the singer must leave because there is no place for him. It's a place ruled by sensuality and savagery and appetite and superstition. The singer is seduced by these, but art can't coexist with the tyranny of the Gypsy King, and the unlettered sensuality of the girl is more of a drug than a muse. The singer has to wake up from the dream of his stay among the gypsies--one more cup of coffee--and return to the lowlands. There is such intoxication in the voice, and also the awareness that this intoxication can't last for him. This song is for me an example of something that is hardly on the radar screen for non Dylan fans, not something the casual Dylan listener would list in the Dylan Canon of Greatness, yet apply just a little attention to it and it opens up into such richness and suggestiveness. Jun 24, 2006
Cordelia Satterfield Hanna "Desire" is my favorite Dylan album! I absolutley love Scarlet Riveria's passionate gypsy violin and Emmy Lou Harris's sultry background vocals, full of such yearning. This song, "One more cup of coffee", is brilliant - it completely transports me to another world, perhaps France or Spain, or the Bedoin desert, it is full of eroticism and sensuality and longing...I love the woman he describes, she is so firey and exudes sensuality and freedom...I can understand why he desires her...He creates such a portrait of this whole family, I can see tthe girl's parents, the Gypsy King father and palm reading mother. This song ialways inspires me to get up off the couch and dance...a sensual modern /Flamenco...I want to be this woman in this song! Jun 16, 2006
jenny kelly folk singers like emmy.lou really didnt think the boys were doin themb any favours at the time,what a perfect collaboration,sheer magic Apr 11, 2006
Isis One of the sexiest songs ever recorded. Mar 15, 2006
Nina His vocal is so unearthly--it is one of those songs where you simply can't believe he can do THIS, vocally, as well as everything else you can't believe he can do. May 13, 2005
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