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Oh, Sister


From the album: Desire (1976)

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Hernan from Buenos Aires I think this is a love song from Bob to Sara, written when they had just gotten divorced. In this song, it seems to me, Bob still has hopes that Sara will reconsider and come back, that's why he asks her not to treat him "like a stranger". Bob might also think God is on his side ("Our Father would not like the way that you act. And you must realize the danger."). I definitely agree with Matthew that the song foreshadows Bob's gospel period. I think the line, "We died and were reborn and then mysteriously saved." clearly indicates beforehand his future conversion to Christianity, which was near to take place. "Time is an ocean but it ends at the shore. You may not see me tomorrow": what an amazing poet Bob is!!! Is he suggesting he might even die of a broken heart? Desire was the first Dylan record record I heard -still love it. Jul 04, 2014
Isis Always liked this one on the album, but it's better when he sings it live, I think. Mar 14, 2006
Matthew A staggering song about "God's Love," and foreshadowing the gospel period. This could have easily been on Slow Train.... Nov 25, 2005
Marie I just heard this song lately. A powerful statement about family. Nov 01, 2005
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