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From the album: Desire (1976)
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Bill Cohen Joey Gallo was the son of a famous mafia family. They called him crazy Joe because he wasn't afraid of anything. He sat in prison reading erudite literature. When he was released, he was gunned down at Umberto's Clam Bar in Greenwhich village. His funeral was attended by some of the most important Mafioso in the Tri State Area, and The FBI with Cameras. Dylan never fails to report the best and worst in a man's life. It was a true story put to music. Mar 07, 2006
Nina This is, so far, the absolute only irredeemable clinker the man has brought forth. I invite anyone who rated this a 4 to please help me with this one. No kidding. May 18, 2005
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Track Song
1 Hurricane (Dylan/Levy)
2 Isis (Dylan/Levy)
3 Mozambique (Dylan/Levy)
4 One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below) (Bob Dylan)
5 Oh, Sister (Dylan/Levy)
6 Joey (Dylan/Levy)
7 Romance in Durango (Dylan/Levy)
8 Black Diamond Bay (Dylan/Levy)
9 Sara (Bob Dylan)
Joey appears on these albums
Year Album
1976 Desire
1988 Dylan & The Dead

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