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From the album: Desire (1976)
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M G Cartner A beautiful and moving plea to the love and life of lost times. You can feel the pain of letting something so special go like sand falling through your fingers. May 14, 2013
Alan Janitor Serial infidelity anybody, oh it makes me so sad to think of the little kids playing in the sand and my wife's hair blowing in the wind as she paddles in the strand and then this shark came in and swept her off to sea and ate her for dinner so i had to write a little ditty for all my girl fans. May 19, 2011
whalespoon One of Bob's absolute best. One has to have a VERY cold heart to hear this song and not be touched. Hearing this song for the first time in 1978 convinced me of Bob's greatness. May 19, 2011
Daughter of the wolf The most beautiful of all his songs, I must say. Begging for someone to stay even though one already knows it's far too late, who doesn't recognize oneself in this? Oh my, I do. And indeed - I love this song. Jan 01, 2010
Diana Heartbreaking song but my guess is he was better at "talk" in his marriage to Sara than he was doing the right things by her. He admits he is "unworthy." Sep 15, 2009
jayjay you know you forget to mention that Bob Dylan screwed anything that walked in those days and his wife couldn't take it anymore.she also claimed he hit her and he had one of his girlfriends over having breakfast with his kids' on morning...that was the last straw for her.I love Dylan but come on he did not want to be married in the traditionally sense and he got a divorce as he deserved Sep 02, 2009
The Joker Just listen to it! This i a song above the usual standards, even for an icon like Dylan! So great, so great..... May 24, 2007
Bill Cohen Agonizing. His wife Sara is going to divorce him. In the song he begs her to stay. He tells her of his love for her and the children.Without going into much detail he talks about the peace he found on Lilly Pond Lane, a house he rented under his mother's maiden name in the Hamptons ( Long Island, NY). He talks about laying on the dunes watching his 5 children playing in the sand, filling their buckets and following each other back up the hill. In his book, he talks about these being some of the happiest moments of his life. Anyone who has children at the shore and watching them play has had the joy he has spoken about. I was blessed with knowing how he felt, and was fortunate enough to have my camera with us. I still have those pictures. To lose that, and a wife you love has to be pure agony. Watching them playing Leap Frog and telling them about Snow White is something a person never forgets. I can feel his pain even though I did not personally experience the loss, but I have many friends who did. Begging when it is too late is also agonizing, because he knows that the summer would end and he would have to go back to the city and the maddness would begin all over, and it would drive him to the point of maddness. Please Sara,Please don't leave me. But she did, and was represented by one of the most vicious divorce lawyers in California. Mitchleson, or Michelson knew just how to drive people who actually loved each other into a rage. He was brutal, and with no compsasion, ripped Bob & Sara apart, and tormented the children. He commanded a big fee, and was a heartless bastard.. In my professiom, I have seen many ,many divorces. I have seen marriages that could have easily been worked out torn apart by people like these.. I find the song profoundly sad and disturbing. I hear the music and songs of a man who is still lamenting the loss of his wife Sara. So many of his songs have been written for her. eg. If you see her say Hello, Most of the time, Shooting Star, Isis, Sad Eyed Lady of The Lowlands, and many more. In his book he didcusses Shooting star and notes that there was a lot of pain connected with that song. He said that he just could not do and say what she needed him to do and say. May 19, 2006
fontana he should leave songs with girlsĀ“ names in the titel to Lenny Cohen Mar 31, 2006
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