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Tangled Up in Blue

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Blood On The Tracks (1975)

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Juan Manuel it's really a very,very, very good song.It's like a short novel. I heard it for the first time in 1.976,and always I find it a pleasure. May 19, 2011
Tom "...lit a burner on the stove and offered me a pipe, ....you look like the silent type." It really feels like he's writing just for me sometimes. I know many others feel this way too. May 19, 2011
Roger As with about 100 Dylan songs, this one can be part of my own story in certain lines. He is the master of changing lyrics, so the different versions change it from first person to 3rd person. Either wasy it still makes me think about the girl that got away. Damn! May 19, 2011
Diana One of Dylan's more personal songs, I think. I find it fascinating and wonder why it is not rated more highly. Sep 15, 2009
Nick I have been listening to this for almost 20 years and it never fails to amaze me - pure genuis at work. Feb 03, 2009
Ceasar Galicjuarez dave van ronk never did drugs..he was a drinker. he was a friend of mine is a traditional song. now van ronk sang a version of "house of the rising sun" and was going to record it, but BD put it on his first albumn. He (BD) sang it far and away better than ole dave, but the animals made it a folk rock hit. May 06, 2008
jim b. definitely had to comment on this one!! this is the song, funnily enough, that i remember hearing on the radio as a kid say of 13 or 14(late 70's)not like a rolling stone. and at the time i had NO idea who it was. and i know it's a cliche with dylan but it was like listening to a story. to catch the attention of a 13 yr. old like that, especially considering the subject matter is rather adult i think shows his greatness. i never found out til much later who it was. real quick i want to relate how i got turned on to dylan. the song that made that happen may be suprising to most. i have to comment here because this song doesn't appear on the list here(because dylan didn't write it obviously)the song is "in my time of dying" from his debut. you see, my first big favorite was zep and the song is of course covered on "physical grafitti" and my vynl version from back in the day had the song credited to(trad. arr.)to dylan. so i wanted to hear HIS version. i went to the local record store and had to ask the clerk if he knew what album it was on(i had no idea and of course there are ALOT to choose from)and of course it's the first album. so i also grabbed "blood" cause i saw "tangled up in blue". the rest is history!!!! Dec 20, 2007
Ian I love this song, it got me to start listening to Bob Dylan May 08, 2006
Isis Ironically, this one took a few listens to really get in my veins. Now it's one of my favorites. Mar 16, 2006
Beth never could see how' Tangled up in Blue' became such a favorite. I guess it represents a mood, sort of an internal frustration, going nowhere, looking back at the past and seeing that it was a story with no plot, just a series of actions (just my opinion) Mar 03, 2006
Bill Cohen Discussion about living with Dave & Terry Von Ronk on Montague St. in Brooklyn. Eatching Dave steep into drug addition, and having to leave. Von Ronk befriended Dylan and took him in. Von Ronk was a fantastic blues folk singer. Dylan recorded Von Ronk's signature song "He Was a Friend Of Mine". It was good, but nobody could do it like Von Ronk. Von Ronk made a few albums, but the drugs ruined a great career. It was a song that dylan was never satisfied with. He kept changing it. It was a point in his life when he was confused and depressed. Overwhelmed with the NYC scene. Jan 20, 2006
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