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Going, Going, Gone

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Planet Waves (1974)
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Bill Cohen Well Benedict, I have an idea. Maybe you will agree, or maybe not. I have always loved this song, both words and music. In life, and especially Dylan's life. he reached many places with many people (ome he loved and some he didn't} where he just couldn go on any further. He- the Wllow- coulnd't do it anymore. The willow didn't bend any more. The analogy of a bending willow tree was himself having to say goodbye again. In another excellent song of his called "Restless Farewell," he tqalks about having to leave. This time he has to leave at night, because if he faces the day, he'll have to stay, which he can no longer do. Dylan is famous for never backing down. If he has to do something, no matter how painful, he does it and moves on down the line. As was noted in another comment, it was never until he did this last album "Modern Times," that he clearly, most clearly , tells us of the price he has paid for many of his mistakes, and his thankfullness that his wife has still managet to 'set aside' some love for him. Dylan is such an amazing human being. This was kind of long winded explaination, so if you hung in with me, and I was able to explain, I'm happy. Jan 05, 2007
Benedict I love this song i think it's one of the best from Planet Waves. The opening line is brilliant "I've just reached a place, where the willow don't bend" and the wonderful licks of guitar coming through... I am not sure what this song is exactly about, it seems to be about moving on from something like that, does anyone have any ideas on this? Anyway its a great listen, very atmospheric! Sep 06, 2006
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