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Forever Young [Version 1]

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Planet Waves (1974)

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performed with The Band


Jesse Dale The first time I heard this song, the slow version, I wept. I wept tears for something beautiful. I heard the fast version and danced on the inside. I see this song as a "how-to" guide to raising children. It's perfect. No word out of place. I have no children and didn't have any definite plans to, until I heard this song. It expresses the great pride that comes from bringing another into the world and lighting a pathway for him so he doesn't get lost. I have no heirlooms to pass down. No physical items of importance. I'll pass down this song and it's ideas in practice. Jun 06, 2011
twoinsouthofengland Having lost a child at 8 years old in 1983 ,this song and Workingmans Blues #2 put us in mind of Mathew, they are the two most beautiful tunes you have given to two old Hippies. Thanks BoB, Happy Birthday May 19, 2011
Bill Cohen There is nothing hidden here. This song was written for his son Jackob. In a recent Issue of Hadassah magazine the author notes that this is a version of what is always said to a child in the Temple when he reaches his 13th birthday and is confirmed as a man, and for the first time in his life reads from the Torah for the audience (usually family and friends) It is the tradition for the father to welcome him into Jewish manhood with a blessing of this type. I have never heard it done so eloquently as Dylan does for his son. It speaks of strength , truth and honesty, to do for others and let others do for you. To climb the ladder of dignity and strength. The line that impressed me as so meaningful was "May you have a strong foundation when the winds of changes shift" No man can wish anything more meaningful to his child, because the winds of changes always shift, and you wish that your child will not be blown over, but will have the ability to continue on his journey. I look at my sons and my grandsons and pray for this to be their life experience. May 19, 2006
David Dixon In my 1974 high-school yearbook, a teacher wrote "best wishes to a wise young (forever) man. It made me take a second look at the song, which was new then, and I've loved it ever since. It's heartfelt, hopeful, and focused on one of a parent's greatest tasks: transmitting values. I've been singing this to my children periodically at bedtime since my oldest was born, in 1987. These are great things for a father to pray in regard to his children. My oldest is indeed growing up to be righteous and true, as well as a courageous boy who stands upright and strong. I'm glad this song was there to sing to him. Mar 29, 2006
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