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Knockin' On Heaven's Door

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid (1973)
 Single   Film/TV

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John Brooks Langston II this is the ultimate song. it represents life, death, redemption, revelation everything. this is definately the best song ever written. it may be short, but if you have ever taken the hard road in life, this song represents everything you have ever tried to gain back. repenting from your sins. it doesn't get any better. Jun 27, 2007
BARNEGAT BOB In the original 1973 film preview edit of "Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid," the scene featuring the full-length vocal version of "Knocking On Heaven's Door" had a moment when gut-shot Slim Pickens realizes he's a goner and, clutching his bleeding belly, exchanges a tragic farewell look wiith his "wife," Katie Jurado ~ and they SMILE briefly but sadly at one another ~ then Slim slowly wades into the sunset colored Pecos River and allows the swift-moving tide to carry him away.... the current "restored" Directors Cut substitutes a brief wordless instrumental . Jan 20, 2007
alan thomson How can you pick a favourite Bob Dylan song ?.Just looking at the list is formidable,astounding,they all mean something to me and I can play them all too;I'm a jukebox ;any one you please ;I love them all. knockin' on heavens door is the best tho' because it always sounds beautiful everytime you hear it and that's what we're all doing isn't it? Mar 30, 2006
Isis Once again, love the Rolling Thunder version, when he's almost acting the song out with those delicious rasps and cracks in his voice. Mar 16, 2006
Nina I love so much the story in clinton Heylin's biography about drummer Jim Keltner crying while they recorded this. May 18, 2005
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