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In My Time Of Dyin'

(Traditional/arr. Bob Dylan)

From the album: Bob Dylan (1962)

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Doug Such fire! Such soulful keening!. The primitive slide playing, masterfully played throughout brings this soul-shaker to a razor's edge. A young man about to die, praying for Jesus to make up his dying bed. -Dylan's vocal is as raw, mournful, full of tragedy, and somehow, a tinge of hope. Dylan struck gold with this fine re-interpretation. Though I've heard many people do this song, nobody got right, but Dylan. And for this to flowing out of a 20 year old kid, it stands as utterly amazing in it's depth of feeling, knife-sharp execution, and resonates in the ear, heart and soul, long after the song is finished. If I'd never heard any other track from this superb album, I'd have pegged him for greatness from this one startlingly powerful song. Mar 06, 2009
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