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Not Dark Yet

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Time Out Of Mind (1997)

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Roger The fact that this song was written 14 years ago makes it kind of sad that Bob was seeing the end as near back then. Hell, he's probably had 14 tours since then. He's looking back like it is all over. The song is good, but its too damn depressing. May 19, 2011
Slumdog Achingly beautiful. Feb 17, 2009
cony fascinating type of song just as deep as the earlier ones but adult and dark. first album i heard from the actual bob, made me happy that he can do the job until today ;-) Apr 27, 2007
jenny kelly pertinant to above the tropic of capricorn,where i live in far north queensland in Australia Apr 11, 2006
blindboygrunt it makes me think 'bout myself....the things i didn't do....what i feel like doin'....the letters i wrote.....the jewels i lost along the way...what i can't do anymore.... Mar 29, 2006
Isis Came out when I was in college, and I couldn't listen to it...too depressing. But now, I can appreciate the depth and mood of this album...especially on a lonely highway at midnight, when it's just me in the car and Bobby crooning in my ear. Mar 16, 2006
Gianni He made me think that time is going on fast...no more visions, no more paths to follow, no more rolling stones that make no mud, no more love scenes to write about....no more nothing. I never seen him playing this song live but when i go through it, it seems he's singing for me and for allo those who stay awake at night wondering how many chances have we got left. There's a sense of loneliness and a very deep feeling that it has been good going through all those things, even once in a life. Thanks Bob. Mar 02, 2006
Joe Unlike some of his contemporaries, he showed it's possible to act your age and be brilliant. Song has great depth, Not since Muddy put out Hard Again (and certainly not since TOOM) have I heard this level of mastery of craft from a musician/singer; I particularly like the way his timing and phrasing works here. May 22, 2005
Nina I heard this song live, at the Beacon Theater in NY, not three weeks ago--the 2 shows I saw there were the first I'd ever seen Dylan live. The performance of this song was the sharpest and most beautiful sadness I'd ever felt from any kind of performance. On the razor's edge of life and death, his performance was. When Clinton Heylin melodramatically implores Dylan in the intro to his revised biography, to not go gentle into that good night, he should listen a little more carefully in general, and he should have been at the Beacon Theater April 29-30. Not going gentle does not mean piss and vinegar in one's twilight years--it means exactly the depth and compass and color of endurance that only the courage of Bob Dylan could project. May 20, 2005
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