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From the album: Love And Theft (2001)
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New recording of the song that was originally written for Sheryl Crow and released on her 1998 album "The Globe Sessions".


Jake I much prefer the bootleg series version Feb 09, 2016
Johnboy I so wish Mr. Z would do an album with Leonard Cohen - now that would be lyrical paradise times two! May 20, 2012
Scott H In a very strange way, this song is a "Visions of Johanna" of the later period. Very different songs, of course...similar impact on the listener. I think this is due to the power of the lyrics. Word paintings abound...the most powerful to me is "My clothes are wet, tight on my skin...not as tight as the corner that I've painted myself in..." This song will stand as a Dylan classic. Oct 05, 2011
Chuck I think this song comes closed than any other to being Dylan's autobiography. It's my #1 (barely ahead of "red River Shore" @ Bill Cohen: Great observation! Aug 30, 2011
Kevin Top-notch song. I have my own interpretations of its meaning, but don't well all. One of his best in my eyes May 19, 2011
Diana My favorite one on this album. Well, I think Bob has probably done his share of not respectable actions but he has been fairly successful keeping them out of general public knowledge. Not to imply he is a bad person, just flawed in some areas as are we all. Sep 15, 2009
TJ Very nice song. I also like the slower version just as much Jul 11, 2009
Ando Douglas At times I agree that Dylan's lyrics are almost ridiculously bleak ("Every moment of existence seems like some dirty trick"). Here, though, the narrator's hopeless predicament is portrayed with enough expansiveness, nay humour, that even if every moment of hope gets dashed one line on, it still holds together as the floating thoughts of some grizzled seafarer. Aug 07, 2006
Anna Schumacher It's just a great song, great ambiance Apr 08, 2006
Bill Cohen Dylan says "The only thing that I did wrong, was to stay in mississippi a day too long". One of his backup singers became pregnant with his now teen age daughter. Dylan married her mother, and seems to be in touch with his teen-age daughter. No matter what happens, Bob Dylan always does the respectable thing. There is never a scandal regarding his behavior. He never appears in gossip rags. He is a true gentleman. Feb 03, 2006
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