To Ramona

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Another Side Of Bob Dylan (1964)
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Olle "From fixtures and forces and friends your sorrow does stem That hype you and type you making you feel That you gotta be just like them" Marvellous text and music fits. Sinéad Lohan has made a cover that´s captures the song very good : May 16, 2014
HollisBrown Full of such Dylan beauty. Not sure anyone could sing it the way he does. "Everything passes, everything changes....." Mar 12, 2010
littleboylost So forgotten gem. "Yet there's no one to beat you, no one to defeat you, just the thoughts of yourself feeling bad..." Apr 05, 2009
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1964 Another Side Of Bob Dylan
1985 Biograph
2001 Bob Dylan Live 1961-2000
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