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Subterranean Homesick Blues

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Bringing It All Back Home (1965)
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Roger The first Rap song. on the same album with the 2nd Rap song... It's Alright Ma... Nov 16, 2010
Aspatria A few weeks ago I spent an evening with my daughter and her family. We were having a few drinks when my daughter made reference to a song that we had both liked 20 years ago by Tom waites. Neither of us could remeber the title but we could recall the words and tune. This was my introduction to 'U Tube'. She quickly found the track and we both enjoyed it together again after all these years. She has long known of my reverence to Dylan and was amazed that I had never used the site to see a few Dylan video's. Clicking on 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' the video immediately attracted the attention of her seven year old son who sat their messmerised as the haunting music disposed of the cards. He played it again for over one hour, until he was dispatched to bed. The next morning the video reumed until he could sing every word. He moved on to Mister Tambourine man and Desolation Row and his now the proud owner of over 8 of his best albums. The incident made me recall the first time I ever heard the track in 1965 and how it had really blew my mind. This was not my introduction to Dylan, I had been listening to him for over three years at that time. Jan 24, 2009
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