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It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Bringing It All Back Home (1965)

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roger The girl who's pretense and fake friends have just abondoned her. He is just laying it out to her plain and straight. "Look at you! It's ove and you want to hold on your dead fake friends". A precursor to"Like a Rolling Stone" Epic. May 20, 2011
Lexi There is no better failed love song Apr 28, 2008
andrew mccoy this song got me through real hard times when i split from my girl friend a few years ago its all over now baby blue was played endlessly in my house until i got it into my head it was over i havent put it on for like 8 months and now im ready to listen to it without thinking to much into it as i met some1 else and for me its just beginining again lets hope i dont have to play it endlessly ever again but before that part of my life the first time i heard this song was when i seen the documentary dont look back and donovan asked for it to be played who by the way my grandad once played with in a pub in glasgow which i didnt know until i bought a donovan album and way after my grandad died i immediatly fell in love with this song and i dont know if it was a personal song for dylan with 1 of his girl friends sounds like it dylan would probably say it wasnt its just a song like he normally does but we cant hold it against him thanks for this one mr zimmerman Jul 18, 2006
jenny kelly No. 1,anti nuke song Apr 11, 2006
Isis The version I love is from the Rolling Thunder tour: his voice is raspy and crackin' and getting down to the bones of the song, the way it's supposed to be sung. Mar 15, 2006
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