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Ballad of a Thin Man

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Highway 61 Revisited (1965)

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fred mcdowell This song is indescribably tremendous, he really catches fire when he performs it on stage especially in recent times. May 19, 2011
Tom It's more than a song; its a mood. It's a way of being. May 19, 2011
Raphael The original LP liner notes on this song presented what I believe is a shy and misleading interpretation of the lyrics. Probably because tambourine man was in many countries banned from the airwaves, the liner notes did NOT reveal the obviously sexual content of this song. I have had many arguments about this, and usually successfully convinced many people that this song is clearly about man confused with their own sexuality, coming out of the closet, and gay sexual relations. Just read the lyrics, and it becomes clear. PENcil os really another word (PEN is correct). there's a couple of naked man in a room, they are confused about whose is what and where it is, someone hands someone a bone(r), someone calls someone else a freak, and they ahve lots of contacts ... but the clearer I guess is further down, where the transvestite (high heels) sward swallower thanks him for using his throat and asks him how IT feels. What is the midget with one eye ? What kind of milk can a man give ? Judge for yourself. Jun 06, 2006
andrew mccoy this masterpiece is one of my favourites both lyrically and musically dylans violent bashing of the piano to me is an indication of his growing discontent of the press and booing folk fans (you see somebody naked and say who is that man) he was moving on and going into new realms of his talant and song writing abilitys which is represented in the whole highway 61 album but none more in ballad of a thin man Dec 06, 2005
Dylan This is simply the greatest song ever written. Jun 27, 2005
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