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Queen Jane Approximately

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Highway 61 Revisited (1965)
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bill In an interview, Dylan said that Queen Jane is a man. With that info and the lines quoted from this song by Allen Ginsberg in his "Wichita Vortex Sutra" I let my imagination run wild and decided that Queen Jane is LBJ. "when all the clowns you have commissioned have died in battle or in vain" "when all your advisors heave their plastic at your feet to convince you of your pain, trying to prove your conclusions should be more drastic" "now when all the bandits that you turned your other cheek to all lay down their bandanas and complain". I know it's a reach, but there you have it. The music is so great and the voice and the harmonica and the guitar...well you get my point.... "Who told you that! I I I never said that! You gotta lot of NERVE saying somethin' like that! If I want to hear something reeeall, I wouldn't ask you, Im not questioning you because I don't expect any answer from you"---Bob Apr 29, 2008
jim barron -i agree with the other comments. but i would say you CAN say this is one of his best. this song along with tom thumb are often the first songs i listen to when i play this album which i consider his best(and all dylan fans know it's so hard to choose). so often, especially on commercial radio all you hear off any given album are the "hits" and of course in this case it would be "like a rolling stone" which of course is A, if not THE classic of all time but as with most artists and albums it"s the obscure songs that vare on an album that are the gems!!!!!!! Dec 20, 2007
andrew mccoy yeah this is my fav on highway61 as well dont know what it is about this song its not what any conisseur would say was his best or anywere near it but its the tune and the way its put together and the way he sings it and a whole lotta other aspects Feb 10, 2006
Bethany I love this song, the whole album is amasing but I think this is one of my favorates. Dec 20, 2005
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