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Desolation Row

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Highway 61 Revisited (1965)
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Alan In my opinion, simply the greatest song ever written. I can't remember if it was Ginsberg or Al Kooper, but someone once said "I have seen Shakespeare incarnate, and his name be Dylan" So, so, true. Aug 06, 2011
Peter His greatest, no doubt. Jan 31, 2009
Bill Cohen Escape-When your world is turned upside down U lapse into a series of paradoxes. He discusses the heart attack machine, people that he knows and does not want to know any more. In essence his world was driving him into maddness. He doesn't want to hear it anymore. He includes famous people doing rediculous things. It is like he is screaming for relief. No more letters or demands please. You're killing me. I can't think straight. He was locked in a nightmare world, and didn't want to hear anything from anyone unless they knew what he was going through. The song is magnificent and described his mixed up confused state. It was a stream of consciousness, some funny, some tragic. So uncomfortable in his own Skin Apr 08, 2008
quas Dylan's greatest song...ever. Dec 20, 2007
Doug MacKenzie It is the sum of all he wrote in '65. There was nothing to touch it, and they were all great. The scope, depth, and breadth of this song is huge. It's as big as a Montana sky. His evocative reading of the song only makes it more incredible. What a masterpiece!! Jan 21, 2007
Kniven A masterpiece! And he do great liveversion of it 40 years later. Like in Gothenburg last autum! Aug 09, 2006
Ursula It makes me think about people I know Aug 08, 2006
jenny kelly my career as an artist was forged on this imagery at age 9,harsh&beautiful,i was there like it or not Apr 11, 2006
Littlefire This song drips into the unconscious like a Dali clock and swims thru the mind like a Bunuel image Mar 29, 2006
cornetn@free.fr the ultimate song, everything gone mad, like the world we live in Mar 29, 2006
Isis His harmonica arrangement for this one is a lyric unto itself. Mar 15, 2006
Dan I get lost in this song. It captures me and takes me away. Mar 03, 2006
Jenny The greatest poetry ever written! Feb 23, 2006
Joe Gaffney Unbeliveable, the greatest user of the english language. The world would be a better place if everyone listened to this song. Feb 13, 2006
Kevin Adey This song is so amazing that I made a Cd of the 12 or so different versions that I have and when I listen to it just about every version makes me feel different. If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life , this would be it. Jan 08, 2006
andrew mccoy my opinion of desolation rows meaning is it is an autobiographal account of bobs time in clubs like the gaslight and pass the basket clubs in greenwich villiage where you would have many acts on stage doing theyr thing for very little to no pay and the people in the song were real people who bob nicknamed because he couldnt remember theyr real names robin hood cinderella ect wether this is true or not is nither here nor there the song is still original and will be until the end of time Dec 06, 2005
Josh The best song he ever wrote. And he did it in the back of cab! Infinite listening capabilites 'cos everytime you listen to it you hear a line that changes your mind as to what desolation row is Dec 06, 2005
Matthew The "Dante's Inferno" of recorded music. As a song, a masterpiece. As a poem, a masterpiece. Dylan should win the Nobel prize for this song alone.... Nov 25, 2005
theundertaker a masterpiece i play everyday without fail. Aug 17, 2005
tbc best song Dylan's ever written Aug 17, 2005
gordon martin a surrealistic masterpiece Aug 02, 2005
Toni There quite simply is NO other song like this one. My all time favourite Dylans song... and the one song that got me totally hocked. Jun 05, 2005
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