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Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Blonde On Blonde (1966)
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Roger may be the worst song msuically and I think that's why he put it first on the album. As in "I dare you to like this record." But the sentiment is classic Dylan: You just can't win, they are going to dog your every step, be yourself, getting stoned is the double meaning and it applies well. Just get stoned- light up- is one menaing or If I am am going to be taken apart for everything, then you all can, nay MUST, join in my public humiliation Nov 16, 2010
OutsideTheLaw A key artistic component in the evolution of the 60s counter-culture. Jun 22, 2009
andrew mccoy this is the worst song on blonde on blonde its still a corker if you put it against anyother artist but yeah he says everyone must get stoned big deal he wasnt very glad he said it when he was trying to get away from the psycedellic period that had became very hip around that time thats what i always loved about dylan if it was in fasion he hated it thats cause he made it fasion and was pressed and followed because of it but he sounds like he had real fun with this song it was just all the crap that came after it that makes this a bad song for dylan and blonde on blonde was the first dylan album i bought and have still to hear a better one another side of bob dylan and blood on the tracks however come very close to it Jul 18, 2006
Ally Carr I think that this is a great song. The way he puts his emotion into it is amazing Dec 17, 2005
Toni For me, this is not Dylans greatest moment... I think he is doing Beatles... Of course: that aint a completely bad thing... Jun 05, 2005
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