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Just Like a Woman

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Blonde On Blonde (1966)
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roger This just defines the sexual woman. It's like he could find the right words to get in there an tear it down to the bare floor. "You are just a little girl with a lot of pretense." Obviously written about Edie Sedgewick A road map for men. May 20, 2011
Diana So right, Who cares. Another Song that Dylan so artfully presents both the erotic and loving. Women do tend to especially like this one. Sep 14, 2009
who cares In the early days, Dylan rarely if ever ventured into the unabashed realm of desire. Always, human emotions were covered in symbolism, allegory, simile, and hidden signs. In this song, I think we find his first plain-as-day "i desire you" emotion. "North country" might have been the closest predecessor, but this one grabs you in the heart (or groin, depending on your orientation), and says to you, "Get your butt over here, cause we're gonna be in love tonight." The sweetness and honesty of his lyrics, his vocalization, as well as the melody and chord structure, are captivating. I've heard more than one female friend remark how deeply the song stirred their own sexual arousal. It's absolutely beautiful, and tender and powerful. Lovers will love this song. Jul 31, 2009
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