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4th Time Around

(Bob Dylan)

From the album: Blonde On Blonde (1966)

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Larry Dylans knack for a tune carries his dry wit to the heights May 05, 2007
Nina The first time I listened to this, I kept thinking, 'this sounds just like...' And as soon as I got it, as soon as I heard Norwegian Wood behind 4th Time Around, I knew I'd never hear Lennon's song again out from under Dylan's satire. And I felt strangely angry--Norwegian Wood would have seemed an unnecessary target: it's seriously ambitious without being affected; Lennon tells a cryptic and compelling story; his vocal is expressive and effective; the melody is lovely; the performance graceful and fine. It's a fine thing that would seem able to defend itself. But Dylan's story demands closer attention and pays off with more humor and character than Lennon aimed for; Dylan's melody is more intricate; Dylan's vocal is so strongly on the very razor's edge of real lyricism and hilarious over-the-top drama. And then the extended comedy of the chewing gum is such an audacious send-up of Lennon's song--the whoie thing was as winning to Lennon as it is to us. It's not a better song than Norwegian wood, but it's a greater song. And so Dylan breathes on and topples one of the strongest achievements of his mosst accomplished musical contemporaries. Dylan uses one of the non-masterworks on B on B to demonstrate unmatchable mastery of songwriting, and why do I feel a little sad, a little overwhelmed, a little curmudgeonly about this? May 18, 2005
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